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As leader of a mighty civilization, you have an able coterie of Advisors who will assist you with guidance and advice. They’ll point out things that they believe are important, or that you might have forgotten about. You can
turn them off if you like, but you may want to try playing with them for a while first.

You have four different Advisors. Each provides advice on a specific area of expertise:

Economic Advisor

The Economic Advisor provides advice on building and improving your cities and territory.

Military Advisor

The Military Advisor provides advice on combat and all things related to war.

Foreign Advisor

The Foreign Advisor advises you on exploration and your relations with city-states, and other civilizations.

Science Advisor

The Science Advisor gives you advice on science and technology, as well as information on game rules.

Contacting An Advisor

During play, your Advisors will appear in “popups” when they have something they think you should know. They’ll often provide links to other information that relates to the current topic.

You can follow these links or click “Thank You” at any time to
dismiss the Advisor.

You can also press the “Advisors” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen to reach the “Advisor Counsel” screen. There you can see all four of your Advisors; if they have anything useful to say on the current situation it will appear there.

Turning Off the Advisors

You can determine how much assistance you get from the Advisors on the “Options” screen.  You can set the advice level to Full, Minimal, or No Advice. If turned off, they won’t ever appear in popups, but you can still go to the “Advisor Counsel” screen to see what they’re thinking.