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Map Types

Map Type

Click on this to choose a map type. There multiple default choices, plus a

Random Map Type

Click on this to choose a map type. There multiple default choices, plus a Random Map Type Button. (More will be added through downloads after publication.) The first three choices are:


This creates an Earth-like world with several big continents and some smaller islands.


This creates a world with one huge continent and possibly some smaller islands.


This creates a world with many large and small islands, but no full continents. This is a good world if you like navies!

Map Size

This provides six map sizes plus a Random Map Size button. The size of the map you choose will also determine the number of civilizations and city-states in the game.  "Duel” is the smallest size and “Huge” is the largest.

You can hover your cursor over the map sizes to see how many civilizations/city-states appear on each.

Difficulty Level

This allows you to set the difficulty level of the game, from “Settler,” the easiest, to “Deity,” which is insanely difficult. Difficulty controls a variety of things, from the smartness of your artificial intelligence opponents to the goodies you may discover in Ancient Ruins. 

Game Pace

This determines the length of time for various game tasks, like constructing buildings, researching technologies, and so forth. The “Quick” level is just that, and it makes for an extremely rapid and frenetic game. “Standard” is the default game, and we encourage it for new players. “Epic” and “Marathon” extend the times it takes to do almost anything.  Check these out after you’ve played a few “Standard” Games.

Randomize Button

The “Randomize” button on the bottom edge of the Set Up Game screen will reset the leader/ civilization and Map Type of the game to Random. Difficulty Level and Game Pace are never randomized.

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