The Tutorials

Tutorials are game sessions that help you learn how to play. There are two different tutorials in Civilization V. There’s the “Learn as You Play” tutorial system, which is pretty much self-explanatory, and then there are the five “guided” tutorials.

Accessing the Tutorials

After you’ve installed the software, start a game (see “Starting a Game” on page 8). On the Main Menu, click on “Single Player,” then click on “Tutorial”.
Click on one of the six tutorials, then on “Start Selected Tutorial.”

Tutorial Types

Learn as You Play!

This tutorial starts you off in a Beginners level game, on a very small map. Your “Advisors” are set to maximum helpfulness, which means that they’ll “pop-up” fairly often to give you loads of advice. This is a “real” Civilization V game, so you’ll get a chance to experience all aspects of play — and you may even get beaten.

Guided Tutorials

These are not full games. Instead, they provide lessons on some of the most important early parts of play – movement, founding cities, combat, and so forth. Each contains a set of simple objectives, and when you complete them, the tutorial ends. Once you’ve mastered these, you can either try the “Learn as You Play” tutorial or you can jump into a full game.

The Guided Tutorials are:

  • Tutorial 1: Movement and Exploration
  • Tutorial 2: Founding Cities
  • Tutorial 3: Improving Cities
  • Tutorial 4: Combat and Conquest
  • Tutorial 5: Diplomacy


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